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  • “"Seascape Study#2"”

    10x10 Encaustic on Wood

  • “"Seascape Study#1"”

    10x10 Encaustic on Wood

  • “"Silent as Night"”

    11x14 Oil and Oil Stick on Canvas

  • “"Man of Thorn"”

    18x20 Oil on Canvas

  • “"Reach Up"”

    10x10 Oil on Canvas

  • “OMG”OMG

    8x8 oil on wood This piece was shown at Redline MKE SWAN DAY MKE 2017show

  • “Edge of Light”Edge of Light

    20x24 Oil on Canvas

  • “Ice Age Creation”Ice Age Creation

    9x12 Encaustic on Wood This piece was shown at Pink Llama Gallery "Iconic Wisconsin" show.

  • “Jealous October Sun”Jealous October Sun

    11x14 Encaustic on Wood

  • “Elemental Fusions”Elemental Fusions

    Encaustic Monotype matted and framed 13x15

  • “Scotch Centered”Scotch Centered

    Watercolor on Yupo Painting is 4x6 matted in a 9x11 frame

  • “New Waved”New Waved

    watercolor on Yupo Painting is 4x6 matted in a 9x11 frame

  • “Fire Bubbles”Fire Bubbles

    Watercolor on Yupo. Painting is 4x6 matted in a 9x11 frame

  • “Sweet Dreamer”Sweet Dreamer

    Watercolor on Yupo Painting is 5x7 floating in a 12x12 frame

  • “Midsommered”Midsommered

    Watercolor on Yupo Painting is 5x7 floating in a 12x12 frame

  • “Alchemistriss”Alchemistriss

    Watercolor on Yupo painting is roughly 5x7 floating in a frame that is12x12

  • “From Deep Within”From Deep Within

    13x13 Mixed Media/Encaustic This piece was shown at the Art*Bar "New Growth" 2016 Show

  • “The Leap of my Life”The Leap of my Life

    8x11 Encaustic /Mixed Media This piece was shown at Redline MKE gallery for Swan Day MKE 2016 show

  • “Does this scarf make me look fat?”Does this scarf make me look fat?

    16x20 Oil on Canvas Board

  • “Chanel look-alike”Chanel look-alike

    16x20 Oil on canvas board

  • “Wind Dance”Wind Dance

    18x24 Oil on Canvas

  • “Twilight Sea”Twilight Sea

    24x36 Oil on Canvas

  • “Swimmingly”Swimmingly

    24x36 Oil on Canvas

  • “Zodiac Vortex”Zodiac Vortex

    24x30 Oil on Canvas

  • “The Guardian Keeps Watch”The Guardian Keeps Watch

    15x30 Oil on Canvas

  • “Still Life with Gargoyle”Still Life with Gargoyle

    18x24 Oil on Canvas

  • “The Woods Echo His Song”The Woods Echo His Song

    16x20 Oil on Canvas

  • “Beneath a Corvid's Wing”Beneath a Corvid's Wing

    11x14 Mixed Media/Encaustic

  • “Outa Here”Outa Here

    9x12 Mixed Media/Encaustic

  • “Wink to Vivaldi”Wink to Vivaldi

    20x24 Oil on Canvas

Tracy Thomas

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T2 Fusion Studio

artist bio

Tracy Thomas is a self-taught Artist living in a pastoral setting near Milwaukee Wisconsin. She has a BA in Art History, Criticism, and Conservation. Starting as a child, Tracy was interested in creating with color; you could always find her coloring, painting, or drawing. Her older cousin shared her passion for creating art and would allow Tracy to observe while she composed her paintings, sometimes sharing with the youngster insights and tips. Tracy excelled in art classes in grammar and junior high school, but in high school she was encouraged to leave Art behind. In college, again she was encouraged to take academic classes; she focused on a major in Art History--which opened her up to all kinds of influences. Her favorites include Fauvists, Surrealists, and the American Abstract Expressionists; she became more interested in abstraction and the expression of emotion in art. After graduating college she continued her "hobby" painting in oils and in furthering her education by taking a class or two. She enjoys color and experimenting with a wide range of mediums. Subjects tend to be fashion and beauty, or mythology and nature. She works in oils, watercolor, and now mixed media/encaustic. She is just beginning to exhibit her work.

artist statement

I am driven to create! I enjoy the process…to achieve just the right balance of warm or cool, light or dark. I love watching as the depths within the colors develop! It pushes me forward and makes me feel elated. Whether I am working with oil, watercolor, or encaustic--be it realistic or abstract my goal is a balance between what I see and what I feel. I let the work proceed by intuition.

I create works that speak to me in the moment, themes change with my moods and interests. I have spent a lot of my life working in the fashion industry, and advertising, so I am drawn to themes of beauty, and images of women. Since moving to a pastoral setting, I have begun to work with mythology, and images of nature. Mostly, I work with transparent layers of color creating works that are whimsical and fairytale-like often bordering on the surreal usually with a playful sense of humor.

In 2014 I discovered encaustics! I am fascinated by the limitless possibilities involved with this medium. I use encaustic paint as a transparent glaze of sheer color for layering, building up thin layers of paint, adding visual interest by capturing found objects or other things between the layers to evoke a feel. Often, once the layers have been built up, I will scrape or sculpt into the wax to reveal the depth from underneath. Encaustics provide nuances, and special effects I have only just begun to discover. I am taking my experiments with watercolor and oil painting into this new medium. My goal is to provide the viewer with a sense of wonder.