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  • “Staircase”Staircase
  • “State Street Abstract”State Street Abstract
  • “Gears 3”Gears 3
  • “Untitled”Untitled
  • “Grand Central”Grand Central
  • “Blue scaffolding”Blue scaffolding
  • “Browwnie”Browwnie
  • “Oil Tank”Oil Tank
  • “Kadinsky's Llines”Kadinsky's Llines
  • “Lady in Red”Lady in Red
  • “Untitled Abstract”Untitled Abstract
  • “Untitled Abstract”Untitled Abstract
  • “Portrait of a Manequin”Portrait of a Manequin
  • “Spring Fashion”Spring Fashion
  • “The Hat”The Hat
  • “Almost Home”Almost Home
  • “Stop 3”Stop 3
  • “Stop 2”Stop 2
  • “Oil Tank 4”Oil Tank 4
  • “Staircase 2017”Staircase 2017
  • “Grainmill”Grainmill
  • “I Am Watching You”I Am Watching You

    Copyrigt Guntis Lauzums 2017

  • “Apartment Windows”Apartment Windows
  • “Red Circle”Red Circle

    Received Honorable Mention from NYC4PA in the exhibit Geometrics

  • “Blue Abstract”Blue Abstract

    Copyright Guntis Lauzums 2016

  • “Building Abstract”Building Abstract

    Copyright Guntis Lauzums 2015-16

  • “Pontiac”Pontiac

    Copyright Guntis Lauzums 2016

  • “Parking Garage”Parking Garage
  • “Alley Walker”Alley Walker

    Copyright Guntis Lauzums 2016

  • “Blue Reflections”Blue Reflections

    Copyright Guntis Lauzums 2016

  • “Construction Abstract”Construction Abstract

    Copyright Guntis Lauzums All Rights Reserved

  • “Fence”Fence

    Copyright Guntis Lauzums 2016 All Rights Reserved

Guntis Lauzums

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(414) 777-3977
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All work (c) Copyright Guntis Lauzums 2015-17 All Rights Reserved

American Latvian Artists Association
Wisconsin Visual Artists ( Photos in gallery)
Coalition of Photographic Arts (Photos in gallery)
Milwaukee Artist Resource Network

Exhibiting Fine Art Photography solo and in groups
Award winning Fine Art Photography