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  • “Staircase”Staircase
  • “State Street Abstract”State Street Abstract
  • “Gears 3”Gears 3
  • “Untitled”Untitled
  • “Grand Central”Grand Central
  • “Blue scaffolding”Blue scaffolding
  • “Browwnie”Browwnie
  • “Oil Tank”Oil Tank
  • “Kadinsky's Llines”Kadinsky's Llines
  • “Lady in Red”Lady in Red
  • “Untitled Abstract”Untitled Abstract
  • “Untitled Abstract”Untitled Abstract
  • “Portrait of a Manequin”Portrait of a Manequin
  • “Spring Fashion”Spring Fashion
  • “The Hat”The Hat
  • “Almost Home”Almost Home
  • “Stop 3”Stop 3
  • “Stop 2”Stop 2
  • “Oil Tank 4”Oil Tank 4
  • “Staircase 2017”Staircase 2017
  • “Grainmill”Grainmill
  • “I Am Watching You”I Am Watching You

    Copyrigt Guntis Lauzums 2017

  • “Apartment Windows”Apartment Windows
  • “Red Circle”Red Circle

    Received Honorable Mention from NYC4PA in the exhibit Geometrics

  • “Blue Abstract”Blue Abstract

    Copyright Guntis Lauzums 2016

  • “Building Abstract”Building Abstract

    Copyright Guntis Lauzums 2015-16

  • “Pontiac”Pontiac

    Copyright Guntis Lauzums 2016

  • “Parking Garage”Parking Garage
  • “Alley Walker”Alley Walker

    Copyright Guntis Lauzums 2016

  • “Blue Reflections”Blue Reflections

    Copyright Guntis Lauzums 2016

  • “Construction Abstract”Construction Abstract

    Copyright Guntis Lauzums All Rights Reserved

  • “Fence”Fence

    Copyright Guntis Lauzums 2016 All Rights Reserved

Guntis Lauzums

  • Art
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(414) 777-3977
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artist bio

A photographer since 1976 when I received my first 35mm as a graduation gift from the University of Wisconsin. I went digital in 2013 and began extensively exhibiting my fine art photography work , regionally, nationally and recently internationally.I have received numerous awards.
Visit my website : also instagram :@guntislauzums
Purchase and exhibition inquiries welcome.
All work (c) Copyright Guntis Lauzums 2015-2019 All Rights Reserved

artist statement

My work explores the basics on art which is line color and shape. My work is influenced by the Bau Haus Artists of Europe of the 1920's