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  • “Canna”Canna

    Oil on panel 24"x24" Available @Deborah_Brooks_portfolio on Instagram

  • “Eucalyptus”Eucalyptus

    Acrylic on panel 12"x24" Available @Deborah_Brooks_portfolio on Instagram

  • “Kolanchoe Zoom In”Kolanchoe Zoom In

    10"x10" oil on canvas Available @Deborah_Brooks_portfolio on Instagram

  • “Prayer Plant”Prayer Plant

    18"x24" oil on canvas Available @Deborah_Brooks_portfolio on Instagram

  • “Monstera Party”Monstera Party

    Luscious, juicy oil paint on panel Available @Deborah_Brooks_portfolio on Instagram

Deborah Brooks

  • Art
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Painting, Drawing, Art Education

Deborah-Brooks.com is my website.

artist statement

By day I share my passion for art with high school students, helping them to connect to life with art. I am rather obsessed with art education and its transformational powers.
My credentials are many but, my art making practice is in the moment. I work in series that transform and build from a place of learning to expression. Art is my center.
If you are interested in artwork that makes you feel a sense of pleasure with an abundance of paint and color my work might be worth a look.
Thank you,
Deborah Brooks
@deborah_brooks_portfolio on Instagram