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  • “Posing with my art”Posing with my art

    Heavy duty canvas "36" X 36"

Ximena Restrepo

  • Art
I am an Art Professional

artist bio

I live as an artist at heart. During my early childhood years I was always coloring, sketching, drawing, singing, learning to play the guitar and CREATING. The arts and music have always been integral parts of my life. Noticing my avid interest in artistic expression my parents enrolled me in a variety of extracurricular art courses allowing me to further pursue these aspirations.

As a teenager, I explored crafting and deepened my knowledge base across an expanding range of disciplines. In high school, I was the girl getting a few extra bucks by helping my friends with their art class final projects. I would always finish my drawings first before everyone else, and then revision the piece to make it better. I’m a bit of perfectionist actually, however, as an adult I know now that being a perfectionist isn't so perfect! Lol.

I continue to evolve as I explore, learn, develop and adapt to an ever changing landscape. Over time, my techniques shift both in independent fashion and through the collaboration with other talented, like-minded individuals. My artwork reflects this dynamism. I am constantly preparing myself for innovative modes of original expression in imaginative art and design.