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  • “Winter is Over”Winter is Over

    An 8" x 12" colored pencil drawing.

Hunter Bell

  • Art
  • Film
  • Literature
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artist bio

I am a young artist, recently relocated from the mountains of Virginia. You can see all my art at

artist statement

I use rustic mediums such as antler, wood, and concrete to promote the importance of nature as I strive to express the interconnectedness of man and the world around 'him'. I detest the paradox of humanity's separation from the wild, for we are innately wild ourselves. My goal is to reestablish a kindred relationship between us and our environment using symbols in my ink and colored pencil drawings such as satyrs, bipedal eyeballs, and personified animals; because I believe it is unhealthy to repress our own wild disposition. To mutualistically live alongside the world is better than to live in spite of it.