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  • “The Original”The Original

    This was the first piece I had ever done and I still love it :) Aluminum mounted on a medium brown-stained backboard. 43" x 24" in size

Natasha Nicholson

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I am an Art Professional I am a Design Professional

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artist bio

Marked Metal Design was started because of my love for working with metal. You could say it runs in my blood. My family owns a manufacturing company that I had been around and worked at for many years. Here I acquired the foundation for fabrication, machining, and drafting. My family and their company encourage values like honesty, fairness, hard work, and modesty that I find important and implement in my business today. In 2011, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. My degree is very useful in my current endeavor as it trained me in design, critical thinking, and it helped me develop my own creativity.

A day of work at Marked Metal Design ranges drastically. Sometimes I spend entire days behind the computer working on design. Whereas other days, I could be working at the shop running the waterjet, woodworking, or out doing deliveries with my canine companion, Moose. Although at this point I am a one-man (woman) operation, I'm driven to providing a quality product, operating a trusting business, and creating killer designs—I look forward to continued growth.

artist statement

Marked Metal Design creates custom residential and commercial decor. The capabilities include water jetting, welding, metal bending, woodworking, and acrylic painting. The 87,000 PSI water jet offers many possibilities for diverse materials and material thickness. It can cut up to 6 inches of carbon steel! Many of my designs are comprised of 14GA aluminum mounted upon a cedar backboard used as wall decor. 

I love to design and take on new projects. I typically use aluminum but dabble in Corten and Stainless. All of my orders have been custom made unique to each buyer. As a relatively new business, I look forward to networking and future opportunities!