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  • “Ancestors, Dark Matter, and the Holy Ghost”Ancestors, Dark Matter, and the Holy Ghost

    acrylic and pastel on salvaged wood, 32 X 47 inches.

Jason Van Roo

  • Art
I am an Art Professional

artist bio

Jason Van Roo is an artist-educator committed to designing curriculum and new systems to unlock student, teacher, and system level creative potential through talent, skill, and critical thinking development in the visual arts and design. He sees art and design as documents of “creative living.”

artist statement

When I was four, my dad took me for a walk in the woods. The sights, sounds and smells of the forest awakened my curiosity and prompted me to seek out wild places ever since. I find the clearest glimpses of reality in such spaces when I connect the here-and-now with timeless truths. I have spent much of my life yearning for distant horizons, but I have learned to see this reality as near as my doorstep. I know that I simply need to open my eyes. This work is a record of these experiences where life, nature, memory, time, and place converge.