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  • “perception. (Milwaukee, WI)”perception. (Milwaukee, WI)

    Photo still of audience participation during perception. (Jazale's Art Studio in Milwaukee, WI June 2016)

  • “perception. (Milwaukee, WI)”perception. (Milwaukee, WI)

    Photo still of perception. (Jazale's Art Studio in Milwaukee, WI June 2016)

  • “perception. (Los Angeles, CA)”perception. (Los Angeles, CA)

    Photo still of audience participation during perception. (Little House Gallery in Los Angeles, CA)

  • “perception. (Harrisville, New Hampshire)”perception. (Harrisville, New Hampshire)

    Photo still of the participatory portion of perception. (Gwarlingo Salon in conjunction with 24 Blackbird in Harrisville, NH)

  • “perception. (Milwaukee, WI)”perception. (Milwaukee, WI)

    Photo still of the instructions handed out in perception. (Jazale's Art Studio in Milwaukee, WI June 2016)

Katie Loughmiller

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Katie Loughmiller is an interdisciplinary artist exploring storytelling through performance, writing and video. Loughmiller is particularly interested in conversational dialogue and stories centered around cultural complexity and female identity. Loughmiller received her undergraduate degree at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University and completed her Master of Fine Arts degree in the Public Practice program at Otis College of Art & Design. At Otis, she co-founded Green Box Lab, an artist collective focusing on bi-coastal collaboration, cultural place-making, knowledge exchange and art production. Loughmiller has taught in various educational settings including a high school theatre workshop in South Africa, a video summer course for teens at Urbano Project in Jamaica Plain, MA, and an interdisciplinary undergraduate course at Otis College. Loughmiller and her participatory performance piece, Perform With Me, was featured on Ear Meal, a live streaming and archived webcast platform based in Los Angeles. Loughmiller has performed her most current performance piece, perception., in Los Angeles, New Hampshire, Milwaukee and New York City. Loughmiller has been an artist in residence at Atlantic Center for the Arts, Vermont Studio Center, Wildacres Residency Program and MKE<->LAX. Loughmiller is currently a creative placemaking consultant on the Beerline Trail Neighborhood Development Project in Milwaukee, WI and you can often catch her talking about all the things as a recurring guest on Riverwest Radio's All the Things.