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  • “Normal Feelings of Loss”Normal Feelings of Loss

    30x40 Acrylic, chalk pastel, oil pastel, pencil on canvas

Kat Scarim

  • Art
I am an Art Professional

artist bio

Printmaker, painter and art therapy student seeking to make the world more tender through freedom of expression, authentic vulnerability and love.

Recent graduate from Millikin University- BFA Art Therapy

artist statement

My work transforms familiar shapes into new conceptually layered pieces. By utilizing repeated line, I build texture and form. I experiment with layering solid shapes over chaotic linework- juxtaposing the organic with the geometric, the recognizable with the abstract, and the known with the unknown. Most recently, I have been working on flattening out and reducing shapes to simple contour line. This method is reminiscent of children’s artwork- honest and unbiased.

I am inspired by a variety of creative sources, but some of the most significant for my work have been Jodi Birdwell and Cy Twombly. What resonates most with me is the artists’ ability to control their chaos, to reach a beautiful simplicity through layering. Birdwell and Twombly are both extremely free with their mark making but this freedom is paired with an easy balance—balance that I am continually searching for and working towards.