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Marilyn Besasie

  • Dance
I am a Dance Professional

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artist bio

Poi Instructor and Fire Dancer, proficient in using poi, staff, hoop, fans, and ropes since 2001. Safety Director for SnowFire Performance Troupe and member of Fire Sirens dance troupe, Milwaukee's only all-girl fire dancing team. Owner of You Are spHERE poi school and clothing line. and

artist statement

You're lost. You come across a map with a little star on it that says You Are HERE. Ah, now you know where you are; you're not lost anymore!

When you practice poi, you create spheres around your body. The poi can be a sphere itself. You can surround and encompass yourself in the sphere of poi.

When you practice poi, you are nowhere else but here in the moment, focusing, concentrating, conscious and mindful of your body, your surroundings, your mind. All the universe distills down into your own sphere while you learn, while you dance with poi. Simply put, You Are spHERE.