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  • “DJ”DJ

    Oil on canvas 12" x 24" 2007

Dena Nord

  • Art
  • Design
I am an Art Professional I am a Design Professional

artist bio

I graduated from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee with a graphic design degree in 2009. I still live and work in Milwaukee since I can't seem to leave this wonderful city. I am well versed in design and have some animation and marketing experience. Currently I am pursuing both fine art and design careers. I love the challenge and cannot get enough of either. I work in hospitality design and spend my free-time developing my painting style. For fun I keep up with the latest trends in technology and spend time with friends.

Past Achievements:::
Dark Star Galleria Showing  • 2008
I love the Eisner Participating Artist  • 2009
Hide House Bayview Gallery Night  • April 2010
Milwaukee Athletic Club Gallery Night  • October 2010
Hide House Bayview Gallery Night  • January 2011
Sketchbook Project Participating Artist  • 2011
Kaizen Fitness Studio Gallery Night  • April 2011
Art Milwaukee Jamboree: Sugar Maple  • May 2011
Art Milwaukee Online Piece of the Week  • June 2011
Art Mail Milwaukee Featured Artist  • July 2011
Alverno Collge Interviewed Artist  • July 2011
Milwaukee Odyssey at the Buddha Lounge  • August 2011
Made in Milwaukee at Cathedral Square Vendor Show  • September 2011
Brookfield High School Art Community Show  • October 2011
Made in Milwaukee at Tuner Hall Ballroom Vendor Show • November 2011
Italian Community Center Gallery Night  • October 2011
Art Milwaukee New Years Eve at the Eisner: Live Painter  • January 2012
Mercy Hill Church Solo Show  • April to July 2012
Bel Canto Chorus Live Painting • May 2012

artist statement

While pursuing my design career, I have been using painting to stay fresh. I use painting as a great exercise off of the computer. I embrace the paint by letting the brush run wild all over the canvas. I then analyze the composition and emphasize interesting relationships. After I have created a loose structure, I work around to rebuild. It turns into a challenging and creative exercise. Whether it be in oil, acrylic or watercolor, the vivid colors emerge. I refine the composition until your eye moves effortlessly around the work.

I am also familiar with other mediums including photography, laser-cutting and printmaking. Depending on the appropriateness, I will add a technique to create a mixed-media piece. I find myself inspired by everything that surrounds me. My dream is to show people how valuable it is to be creative.