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Michael Piotrowski

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artist statement

Light’s interaction with the colors, surfaces and textures reveals the beauty of objects that we hardly notice as we go through our busy lives. Trees, grass, water, clouds, wind, buildings all hold the beauty of nature. Light releases this beauty to our eyes. But all too often in our busy lives we just don’t notice the beauty. It’s all around us; we just do not make the time to see.

Art allows us to select a moment in time and study what that instant contains. We freeze time and study what was a fleeting instant; hardly a memory.

Photography is the tool I use to reveal the hidden beauty that light’s interaction with colors, surfaces and textures reveals. Sometimes the beauty is in the soft flowing lines and the gentle lighting of nature. Other times I find the beauty in the sharp angular lines of buildings and other human made objects. With a camera in my hand I see things that I otherwise would have missed. The shutter click freezes that moment, capturing that instant in time. I can then develop the image into the thoughts and feelings I had at that time.