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  • “Picture Book Illustration”Picture Book Illustration

    Interior picture book illustration rendered in photoshop

Jeremy Provost

  • Art
I am an Art Professional

artist bio

Jeremy Provost was born in Oconomowoc, a small lake country town in Wisconsin. As a child Jeremy was introduced to Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes, which instantly grounded his desire to become a comic illustrator.
After years of being told he couldn't draw in class, Jeremy decided to become a student at Indiana Wesleyan University. While enrolled Jeremy taught under children's illustrtrator Ron Mazellan. Ron's mentorship and guidance was very influential in Jeremy's own shift of passion toward children's illustration.
Jeremy graduated IWU in the summer of 2008 with an illustration degree, and ventured back home. Jeremy has since then worked on various projects, and now spends his days as an active children's illustrator. His greatest desire is to spark imagination to a younger audience, just as "Calvin and Hobbes" sparked his own as a child.

artist statement

Illustration is not rendering what is already there, but revealing what is unseen.