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  • “BZERK's Self Portrait and Cityscape”BZERK's Self Portrait and Cityscape

    Mixed Media 16" x 20" on canvas board 2016 Acrylic, photocopy, wood, remnants of hooded sweatshirt, 2016 Shown at The Art Bar The Martini Girls curate "All Mixed Up" 2016 From The Personae Project

  • “(Not)Prince and the Woodman”(Not)Prince and the Woodman

    Acrylic on Canvas, 16" x 20" 2016 Shown in the Walkers Point Center for the Arts Member Show 2017

  • “Jerry Lewis' Selfie”Jerry Lewis' Selfie

    Acrylic on Canvas 10" x20" 2016 Shown at Gallerie M, Intercontinental Hotel 2016 Milwaukee, WI Under the aegis of Bay View Artists Guild

  • “Portrait of Mehetabel Jones by Madam Odonata and the Honorable Frederick P. Bell Jr.”Portrait of Mehetabel Jones by Madam Odonata and the Honorable Frederick P. Bell Jr.

    Photoshop by Fred Bell of original acrylic painting on paper by Alexa Hollywood, added acrylic paint, added shells Shown at the Museum of Wisconsin Art 2015 West Bend, WI In the collection of William Zuback From The Personae Project

  • “La Catrina's Vision/The Photographer;s Dream”La Catrina's Vision/The Photographer;s Dream

    Acrylic on canvas board 2017 Shown at the Cedarburg Cultural Center, Ozaukee WI 2017 Under the aegis of Wauwatosa Artists Workshop From The Personae Project

  • “Thaw”Thaw

    Photography 2017

  • “Burning Shell”Burning Shell

    Mixed Media: Acrylic on canvas board, photography, remnants of silk kimono 2017 16" x20" Shown in the Walkers Point Center for the Arts Member Show 2017 From The Personae Project

  • “The Door Opens”The Door Opens

    Photography 2017

  • “Fred Contemplating”Fred Contemplating

    Acrylic on canvas board 2016 Juried into the Wright Museum, Beloit WI 2016

  • “Ofrenda for the Personae”Ofrenda for the Personae

    Three-dimensional piece consisting of 3 paintings by the artist, photocopies of her paintings, collage, photos of personae and other objects Created Autumn 2016 From The Personae Project

  • “Portrait of Madam Odonata as Syed He Saan al BaHr”Portrait of Madam Odonata as Syed He Saan al BaHr

    Acrylic, Felt and Plastic Sea Horses on paper 11" x 14" December 2014 Shown at the Wustum Art Museum, Racine WI 2015 From the Personae Project

Alexa Hollywood

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  • Literature
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artist bio

Artist Bio I

Ms. Hollywood first encountered visual art at age four when she and her siblings would race through the Seattle Art Museum which at that time was located in Volunteer Park.The guard was wary but tolerated them. In contrast, the guard at the Conservatory summarily tossed the ebullient brats out of that august Victorian glass building. After age six, her visits to the art museum were sporadic.

She attended college at the University of Washington where she worked in the Audio Visual Department showing slides and films in Art History classes. She also showed slides for visiting artists at the Seattle Art Museum. She continued visiting museums.

Throughout her life, she was an avid doodler and visitor of art museums in the USA and abroad.She finally decided to make visual art.

Wisconsin Visual Artists
Riverwest Artists Association
Bayview Artists Guild
Walkers Point Center for the Arts

Artist Bio II

Alexa Hollywood was born into poverty in a very dysfunctional family. By age 15 she had undiagnosed agitated depression, by age 21, OCD. She was functional enough and by age 35 managed to acquire an MSW. By age 50 she took the long slow elephant walk into oblivion where she remained for 10 years. At age sixty, she decided to return to the world. She plotted her return. She must engage. And activities must be within a mile of where she lived to ensure she would participate. She began to take drawing and painting classes through the Sports and Rec Department at Riverside High School. By a weird fluke, she became infected with parasitic worms. She was told she was psychotic. After two and a half years she finally was prescribed Albenza and was worm free. However, by that time, she was exhibiting autoimmune symptoms and had an impaired immune system. Creating was her solace and sanctuary. And so she became an artist.

artist statement

Artist's Statement:
Alexa Hollywood is a conceptual artist working in a variety of medium. She has participated in 20 juried, member and invitational shows in the past three years. She has been a published poet and a choreographer/dancer receiving small grants.

Ms. Hollywood recently finished up a three and a half year long project entitled The Personae Project. This work proceeds from exploring permutations of identity and self by means of creating personae. These personae range through three centuries. Some are archetypical, some mundane and some surreal. Through the use of acrylic painting, collage, photography, assemblages, costumes, and books Ms. Hollywood has produced a body of work that is loosely autobiographical; shot through with fantasy, personal symbols, and myth. Others have described the Personae Project as theatrical and hermetic.

The books can be seen in their entirety online at Alexa Hollywood/Blurb Books. The Compleat Personae and the Ofrenda is a compendium of writings, photographs of the personae and of art relating to them.

She currently is working on the second project of her canon, "Self, Identity, and Personal Myth" entitled SHARDS. Eventually, she hopes to create an Installation/Environment of her collected works.