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Donna Sands

  • Art
I am an Art Professional

artist bio

My career started in advertising and graphic design. I worked my way up to Account Executive, and then started my own business. This allowed me to flexibility to focus on my passion;painting.
The love of being outdoors led me to plein air. My field studies are composed on
22.5"x 30" paper for oil. From these studies I will create large format oil paintings on canvas. I use a modern pallet, and prefer bright vivid colors.
Seven years ago I started exploring the encaustic process and am pleased with the response to my creations. By allowing the medium to flow, my work has become more abstract. Nature is still my subject, but the results are wonderfully abstract.

artist statement

Being outdoors, with the sun on my back and the wind in my face,
creatively capturing a moment in time — painting the landscape — this is how I find my balance in our chaotic world.

Maintaining the harmony that exists in nature, I push the border of realism, by using a palette of contemporary colors, allowing me to share with the viewer the utter joy I am experiencing, as I document my place in time, and the disappearing landscape.