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Rachel Frye

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artist bio

CIVAL Collective Is a Milwaukee based creative collaboration in Jewelry Design led by sisters Sarah and Rae — who as lifelong learners and designers, are continually driven to make, add new skills, and explore every creative possibility.

Sarah and Rae’s long lasting romance in jewelry making began at a very young age. Both held a strong desire to create, collect and compose works with found objects and harvested materials from their grandmothers extensive costume jewelry collection. Their very first pieces were composed of these eccentric items, as a wearable collage of ephemera — gathered from collected oddities and vintage jewelry components. This collective engineer-style of assembly, captures a specific approach to design that still exists in their line, and practices to this day.

The word Civál is the name given to an archeological site, dating from the pre-classical Mayan period — who’s lasting cultural relics and perfection of craftsmanship bring inspiration to the jewelry line. This ideal is held as standard practice in their approach and execution of design. The foundation of their process is to make long lasting, durable pieces that convey personal expression in modern form. They endeavor to create items that remain timeless in spite of the fluctuating trends of each era, and therefore transcend restrictions of antiquated wear, and time. Their direct and simple approach adds an heirloom feel, that matches the quality of their construction. Designing with the intent that their pieces will become relics, cherished and passed through time, or rediscovered after we are long gone.

At the core of CIVAL Collective’s operations is a strong ethical foundation. Focused on caring for others, nurturing positivity and making ethical choices by using quality fair trade materials — sourcing first from North America and Europe and companies with proven upstanding practices in the developing world. Their company goes to great lengths to support other, artists, small businesses and companies that put people first, and choose ethical and sustainable practice over profit.