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Brianna Lynn Hernandez Baurichter

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artist bio

Brianna is an artist and curator based at the Material Studios and Gallery. As a visual artist her work includes a variety of media including charcoal drawings, video, sculpture, and performance art. As a curator, Brianna develops themes that aim to develop inclusion and equity for underrepresented artistic voices.

artist statement

Hybridity and futility inform my practice through their cyclical and interconnected nature. The theatrical scale of my drawings combined with my intuitive body movements creates psychological landscapes which hybridize both imagined and remembered imagery. In my videos and performances I present looped tasks which are both constantly evolving yet remaining stagnant in any sense of progress. I utilize the body as an amorphous structure both visually and psychologically to question expectations and bias. My own diverse ethnicity has played a significant role in questioning normative categorizations to which hybridity does not conform. As such, I view hybridity as a rabbit hole of possibilities with ambiguity as its greatest strength for navigating alternative perspectives.