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Arts in Milwaukee

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  • “PartyBoy”PartyBoy

    Oil on Canvas

  • “Boy in Bowie Costume”Boy in Bowie Costume

    Linocut, 2017

  • “Farmhands”Farmhands

    Oil on canvas, 13" x 18", 2017

  • “Siblings or Cousins”Siblings or Cousins

    Oil on canvas, 16" x 20", 2017

Sandra Cipollone

  • Art
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Contact Info
2578 N Weil St
Apt. 3
Milwaukee, Wi 53212 Un

(414) 217-1458
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artist bio

I live and work in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my husband, Nick and cat, Buddyguy.

artist statement

I currently paint and make prints and assemblages. My most recent paintings have been from old photographs either I took, found, or borrowed from friends. My intention is not to exactly copy the image, but to interpret it, and connect it to my memories and feelings of the circumstance in which the photo was taken. My prints are often of places I like to go, an interpretation of my place in space and time. I think of my assemblages as artifacts, with messages that are intentionally open to meaning.