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  • “"Starry Night"”

    The depth of this deep blue gessoed acrylic piece on canvas reaches out to capture a breath taking evening of the sky reflecting on the lake. $539.00 4'X3' Framed, gold, double matted

  • “"At Water"”

    Plein Aire on a beach in Shorewood on a summer day! Sunny and bright verycontempory piece! $185.00 24"X24" Acrylic, Unframed

  • “:Silent Colors"”:Silent Colors

    Colorful wood duck with a strong definition of detail scene on the bird! $375.00 14"X19" Framed, Watercolor, double matted

  • “"Plum Beauty" ”

    Do you like the color purple? You'll love this painting! $99.00 14"X19" no frame, watercolor

  • “"Blue's Edge"”

    Bursting with vibrant cornflower blue on a subdued background, draws you in to to a bold blue flower. Please see complimentary painting of "Blues Calm". $225.00 20"X24" Acrylic, Black Frame, No Mat

  • “"Dancing Flowers" ”

    Simple yet elegant best describes this colorful vase! Watercolor, gold frame, double matt. $289.00 20"X24" Double matt, gold frame

  • “"Safron Beauty"”

    Enveloped by intricate green leaves, yellow mama finch nesting in tree feeds her babies. $179.00 Print Only, choose size Canvas wrapped around, no frame

  • “"Mahogany"”

    Performing, mahogany horse, braided mane brings him into wide view. Soft hues of sage. blue & yellow defines the bold equistrian reflection. $299.00 21"X24" Acrylic & Oil, Frame deep brown, double matt

  • “"Fantasy Flowers in Red"”

    Minutiae, small details define exciting intricacies conveying artistic expressions of breathtaking color! Looking for a portrayal of large bouquet, look no more! $599.00 4'X5' Framed, Black, double matt.

  • “"Seascape"”

    Alluring bright colors of sun and waterscape entices you into this great sea of tranquility! $399.00 2.5'X2.5' Acrylic on Canvas, no frame.

  • “"Woodducks Calm"”

    This duck was found amist several mallards on icy pond in southeastern Wisconsin. Refusing to allow him to eat, I feed him myself, within two days flew to safer grounds. Watercolor. $375.00 14"X19" double matted, black frame

  • “"Buttercups"”

    Amazing detail, rich colors enhance every stroke of this impressive flower! Soft, gentle and delicate come to mind when taking in this beauty! $259.00 24"X20" Acrylic on Canvas, Black Frame, no mat

  • “"Lily"”

    Great popping colors of reds, pinks, sage on a soft pallette backdrop. Oriental lily...Please look at both Grace & Lily. . $249.00 23"X23" Black Frame, no mat

  • “"People on the Beach"”

    Capturing people walking on the beach in Milwaukee. Turquoise, soft blues with a pale yellow sun fading in the distance takes you into a tranquil world. $229.000 24'X30" Acrylic, gessoed, frame

  • “"Hunters Delight"”

    Beautiful bay horse, red jacketed rider! Enjoy breathtaking, bountiful country landscape, trees, fences, rolling hills in plain sight! Soft backdrop of pale white, blue sky's, greens and browns hunting dog leads the way. Available: Prints Only. $95.00. 18"X12" Small $189.00 36"X18" Large (choice of size) Canvas wrapped, No frame.

  • “"Blues Calm"”

    Bursting vibrant cornflower blue on a subdued background, draws you in to to a bold blue flower. Complimentary painting of "Blues Edge". $225.00 20"X24" Acrylic, Black Frame, No Mat

  • “"Christi Lyn"”

    Silky, supple evolving from a pattern of definite destinction of beauty! Watercolor strokes on a pale background speaks to you.... $199.00 12"X12" Watercolor,canvas, no frame

  • “"Blue Fixation"”

    Searching for a large painting with a bold 'Wow!' statement? Consider this strong blue textured piece with a contemporary feel! Gessoed paper in acrylic. $499.00 46"X36" Detailed, Gold Frame, Matted

  • “"Horizon"”

    Softness on large canvas, no frame...this painting exudes peace and tranquility. Light reflecting blues, whites, pale yellow shows calm and depth... $385.00 4'X2" Acrylic, no frame

  • “"Grace"”

    Flowing, brilliant, yet peaceful only a lilly can betray, defines this work. The colors of reds, pinks, greens on a soft pale pallet draws you in...Acrylic. $249.00 27"X27" Black Frame, no mat

  • “"Transforming Sea"”

    Waves bewitching, dazzling taking you into their very depths! Bright, Bold, Deep Blues with Captivating Golds capture the sea's rolling waters portraying soothing waters.... $389.00 43"X34" Framed, Silver Wide Double Matted

  • “"Morning Rise"”

    Soft, detailed, destinctly delicate, gentle waves with sun in the distance. Take in blues, touching colors of horizon, while relaxing ...hear the waves...smell the clean air and water! $450.00 16"X38" Framed, Brushed Gold, Wide Double Matted

  • “"Fantasy Forest"”

    Enjoy Lake Park in July! Bright colors with depth and personality drawing you in for a walk through the park's can hear the waves of Lake Michigan below. Acrylic on gessoed paper. $425.00 20"X24" Framed, silver


    This is a popular, fun, bright, inviting, vibrant red and green flower done in acrylic. Large brush strokes, making attractive impact for any room! $75.00 10"X10" Unframed

Monnie Holmes

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artist bio

Education - studied at UWM Milwaukee and Cardinal Stritch College, Milwaukee and local artists.

Monnie's paintings have been shown at Katie Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukee, WI with connections in the US and Europe. The Cedarburg Art Center also displays her work, as well as, upscale restaurants in Milwaukee.

Monnie is the fifth generation of private business owners following her talented grandfather, and mother were owners of an Interior Design Shop and paint shops. Her's is the result of fifth generation artistic talent.

artist statement

Monnie Holmes, a gifted local artist creates beauty with brushstrokes. Sharing acrylic and watercolor paintings with others she follows in the footsteps of her grandfather who was a master at painting murals in homes, business buildings and churches. Her other grandfather wrote for the New York Times and owned a newspaper.

Painting original scenes of seascapes, waterfowl, and flowers, she grants her patrons art that is easy on the eye. Unique phrases as Fantasy Flowers, Mahogany and Horizon adorn her creations and invite the guest who views her work to enjoy an artistic feast she creates to share. Taking we the viewers to faraway magical places, she paints in traditional, pastoral and contemporary themes.

Drawing us in, Monnie spreads spontaneity celebrating the world with each stroke. Like a caring friend, she calms us through peaceful relaxing scenes. Welcoming us on her sojourn, we travel to exotic places into colorful, warm creations.