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  • “A Path In”A Path In

    Encaustic, ink & colored pencil 24x36

Michael Karl

  • Art
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artist bio

Michael Karl has lived in the Milwaukee area for most of his life, leaving for a few years to live in Texas. His artistic background started while attending the University of Wisconsin studying photography and painting. He continued further with his education attending Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD).

Travels to Ireland photographing the architectural history of the country, his works have been exhibited in shows and galleries throughout the state. While on a trip to New Orleans he became aware of artists working in encaustic. On his return to Wisconsin his research found a small group of artists working in this medium. Studying with these artists, he found a love of working in wax which has been his main artistic focus for a number of years.

He is a member of the International Encaustic Artists Association and Wiswax, a Wisconsin based encaustic artists group.

His works are held in private collections as well as being shown in exhibits and gallery shows.
His work has been shown at:
Gallery 218 , Milwaukee WI
Art on 23, Spring Green WI
Leenhout Gallery Milwaukee WI
Civic Theater Gallery, Waukesha WI

artist statement

My process begins with making the encaustic medium, melting large quantities of clear beeswax and resin (which is extracted from trees) creates my supply of medium. Adding pigments to smaller quantities of melted wax, my “paints” are kept liquid on a heated palette. I begin a painting by writing a question or message on my working surface that I will be painting on. Fusing layers of wax to my surface, I then incorporate graphite, inks and various methods of inscribing and scrapping to create a translucent, organic quality that gives depth and texture to the painting. Allowing time for the painting to cure, I then buff them. This removes cloudiness or “bloom” from the wax and enhances the color and shine to the finished painting.

A studio filled with the aroma of beeswax and resin, creates a meditative place for thought, process and creation!