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Yahya Moosavi

  • Art
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Contact Info
Color Cocktail Factory
600 West Cermak Road
Chicago, IL 60616 Un

(312) 881-9929

artist bio

Color Cocktail Factory provides a platform for visual artists to start teaching public at their very own art studio.

This platform will provide artists with constant flow of students/customers, reservation and payment system, and hundreds of lessons in areas such as:

Popular sip and paint parties - Figure painting and drawing classes for all skills - Clay and throwing lessons - Kids art camp programs - Technical classes (relatively more advanced art program)

artist statement

Color Cocktail Factory is the domain of three artists—MFA grads from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago—who work as professional painters, illustrators, and print makers. These artists started Color Cocktail Factory as a way to share their knowledge with novice practitioners in a laid-back environment.