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Ginny Stocker

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My training was in art, art history, and art education, but I worked for many years as a psychotherapist, only returning to my love of making art as my career wound down.
During the years I wasn't painting, I was a museum and gallery junkie, soaking up (and stealing) ideas which I now incorporate into my work.

artist statement

I returned to painting using gouache as my primary medium. More recently, I use acrylics.
My love of nature inspires much of my work. I live in Bayview, with a glorious view of Lake Michigan, and many of my paintings are inspired by the lake. I also spend time in Maine, as my work also reflects. I wouldn't say I have a particular style, because I steal from all the art I enjoy on my many gallery and museum visits. The word eclectic has been overused, but that comes closest to describing my work. I used to draw, but my love of color and messing with paint has taken over.
The more I paint, the more I paint.