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Jessica Knap

  • Film
I am a Film Professional

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Jessica Knap
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artist bio

I'm an Freelancer in Milwaukee, WI; I went to UW-Milwaukee for Film. I've created strong bonds with local filmmakers and industry mentors here in Milwaukee on Short films, music videos, and commercials with a variety in crew roles. I'm mostly known for Assistant Directing and Coordinating; I love helping connect people to new and upcoming crew in the Greater Milwaukee area.
I spent a few years working in Chicago to familiarize myself with larger crews and continue to educate myself in various departments. Working in large collaborative environments is what I enjoy most - TV was an incredible fast paced environment where I got to meet and connect with some amazing hardworking individuals on larger scale projects. From the Production Office to Construction, I was able to gain a great appreciation for the Production Dept, Art Dept, Set Construction and Locations on Independent films and tv shows in Chicago.
While I continue to work on Commercials in Milwaukee, I enjoy and take a lot of time to collaborate on indie films spanning from shorts to documentaries.

artist statement

I'm open to admitting I struggle with personal space in large environments and know what it feels like to be the short person in the group reaching to have a say. When on a project my goal is to give fair voice to everyone involved and I whole heartedly believe in opening doors to create an amazing end product.

Creating works that address the struggle to speak confidently is something I connect with most deeply. We all speak differently and come from different backgrounds, I hope to meet people half way with this in mind.