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  • “Libations for King Pugsly”Libations for King Pugsly

    Layered digital photographic collage

  • “Cat at the Door”Cat at the Door

    Digital photographic layered composition for a cat in a fantasy house.

  • “Siri”Siri

    Pastel portrait drawing of a young woman

  • “white pine”white pine

    botanical draing of white pine cone and branch, to scale

  • “nasturtiums”nasturtiums

    pcolored pencil and watercolor drawing of nasturium, drawn to scale

  • “On the way to Madison”On the way to Madison

    Pastel drawing of a sunset on a summer evening

  • “Morning walk at Sunset and DT”Morning walk at Sunset and DT

    Pastel drawing of a country walk on a fall morning

Jeanne Panka

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artist bio

I've been interested in art and doing art work since I was 4 years old when my sister would draw pictures for me. I attended the University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee and graduated with a BFA . I completeed the Digital Photography program and received a Certificate of completion from Waukesha County Technical College

artist statement

I am a visual artist who uses"traditional medium" (pastel and pencil drawings and photogaraphy) to reflect and reflect upon the beauty of the natural world around us.
I also use non-traditional medium (digital photo collages and digital paintings) to create images that poke gentle fun at popular culture topics and to create mysterious landscapes not found in nature. Sometimes creating the collages allows me to deal with frightening or foreboding events or feelings and place them into easier to handle images. All photographs in my collages are taken by me.