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Mark Mantel

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artist bio

Mark Mantel (b. 1961), in Milwaukee, WI, got his Ph. D. at the State
University of New York at Buffalo, where he was a University Research
and Teaching Fellow. David Felder, Burt Levy, and Lejaren Hiller were his
primary composition teachers. In addition, his contact with Morton
Feldman at SUNY Buffalo has had a significant influence on his musical
thought. He has written for dance, experimental theatre,
multimedia, cross-disciplinary collaborations, and the orchestra, as well as
traditional chamber ensembles, electronic and tape media. Mantel started
his musical life as a percussionist and remains active in the performance of
orchestral and chamber music, avant-garde, experimental, rock, blues, and
new music. He made his European conducting debut at Darmstadt in 1992,
and remains active as a conductor and improviser in the U.S. and Europe.
He has received grants from Meet The Composer, the California State
Universities, the State University of New York, The Composers Forum,
the American Music Center, and others. His music has been heard at
various venues throughout the United States, Japan, Australia, and Europe
including the North American New Music Festival, the Charles Ives Center
for American Music, Musique Aujourd'hui, June-In-Buffalo, the New
Music Chicago Festival, the Festival for New American Music in
Sacramento, and at Darmstadt, in addition to many concert halls, galleries,
performance spaces and alternative sites all over the U.S. Mantel has
returned to his home town of Milwaukee in order to continue making music
in a city dedicated to the fine arts. He serves as the Composer mentor with
the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network and coordinates some music
programs there, teaches drums and percussion and private composition
students, and performs much of his music in galleries and black box

artist statement

Mantel's music explores the creation and layering of dense
musical materials derived from physical models, text-driven and real-time
live electronic elements, "found-objects", and theatre and theatrical
elements. Significantly, the works of many writers and painters serve as
points of departure in much of his music as an attempt to explore artistic
processes closely associated with other disciplines. Improvisation,
formally, spontaneously, and structurally, plays a substantive role in
defining his music.