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  • “Sailboat 2”Sailboat 2

    Oil on canvas, 24" x 36" Cubism style abstraction of sailing

Scott Allen

  • Art
  • Design
I am an Art Professional I am a Design Professional

artist bio

Visual Artist - mostly oil painting, graphic design and marching band "drill" design

I've shown in a few galleries in Chicago and Michigan. I could use some advice for filling out this Bio section

artist statement

My paintings are in the style of the Cubists where I present a different reality portrayed by abstract geometric shapes. I try to create sense of motion and time by showing multiple angles or positions of the subject. I start by sketching the subject at different angles or at different times, abstracting it to geometric shapes, then I combine these sketches into one final piece that shows these multiple views. My paintings are bright and vibrant and will hopefully bring a sense of joy and excitement to the viewer. Each of my paintings reflects my feelings, sensitivity and passion, and brings different moods, colors and emotions (and love of the waterfront).

I also work as a freelance graphic designer creating multiple forms of communication from print to digital.