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  • “Angry Kat: Zombie Protocol-2016”Angry Kat: Zombie Protocol-2016

    2016 strip. Published in Riverwest Currents.

  • “Angry Kat: Zombie Protocol-Nov. 2018”Angry Kat: Zombie Protocol-Nov. 2018

    November 2018 strip. Published in Riverwest Currents.

Luther Hall

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(414) 484-4509

artist bio

Luther Hall (a.k.a. “Mistaloo Meff”) is a Milwaukee native who received Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from Hampton University in 1997 and has completed one year of study at Madison Media Institute for video game design in 2011. Luther has a love for sharing art with young people acquired from years of experience as a teaching assistant and an art instructor in both public and private schools in Milwaukee. As a professional freelance graphic designer for over 15 years, Luther has recently contributed design work for a mathematics board game to be used in schools as well as a realistic martial arts video game currently in development. Luther currently serves as an instructor with Milwaukee based Artists Working in Education. He is a songwriter, producer and emcee and performing artist for Wisconsin based label Ramatik Records. Also serves as a member of Fresh Perspective Art Collective, a group comprised of artists of the African diaspora who stage and curate art shows. The Collective actively collaborates with other organizations to increase understanding for all through the arts.
His current project is a comic book series and monthly strip published in the Riverwest Currents entitled Angry Kat: Zombie Protocol.

artist statement

I am “Hip Hop,” a perpetual learner with a do-it-yourself creative process. My work reflects the continuity of traditional methodology and philosophies regarding visual expression and forms the basis for his current philosophy towards teaching youth. Guided by a passion for learning both traditional and technological artistic method, his works are a characteristic representation of current social and ideological issues. His works comprise a marriage of spirituality, mythology and modern artistic interpretation. His work reflects a fusion of satire, spiritual consciousness, science fiction and humor to communicate a lush and whimsical interpretation of the world.