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  • “Bike”Bike

    RISD Bike Drawing Charcoal on custom sized paper

Anna Lorino

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artist bio

Anna Lorino has been sketching ever since she was a little kid, and most commonly uses graphite. Within the past couple of years, she has started to explore with digital art and paints. Currently, she is at the crossroad of turning this casual hobby into a business. She may only be in high school, but she believes that art can’t be based on someone’s age.

Anna first started seriously started drawing when she stopped taking horseback riding lessons. That’s when drawing became the only way to experience the animals she had grown to love. Although Anna has taken a few art classes, she is largely self-taught. Lately, she has had the honor of being commissioned to create pet portraits and recreations of original drawings that have gone as far as Colorado. Anna has also been apart of "The Sophie Show" in the Third Ward in recent years.

artist statement

I create my art to show a unity with the world. I regularly have nature and animal themed drawings and sketches to show a bond and connectedness everyone shares to everything. I make a majority of my artwork using graphite, but occasionally, I will enjoy using watercolors, acrylics, ink, and digital art.

My use of art can be expressed in different ways. I always create my projects with a focus to the detail and the message at hand. This could mean that the process of creating my work was greatly influenced by family; or, when I receive a commission of a pet I’ve never met, that has a heartwarming story. This is why, what I create can have a singular focus on first appearance, but aimed to express a deeper meaning. My artwork is meant to represent freedom, grace, strength, and a story.

My past experiences have greatly influenced my style and what I draw. I’ve never really fit in with everyone else, and art was a place in which you don’t have to fit in to be apart of something great and meaningful. Eventually, art will connect others to new people and possibilities never before thought feasible. That’s how art liberates me. I can detach myself from the problems of the world, I can enjoy myself. Often, life can be overwhelming, leaving me anxious and discouraged. However, art has taught me to express myself and my stories, even if I create the art, it can be someone else’s story too. Every picture doesn’t just tell a story, every picture can tell many stories.