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    handmade ceramic tile, glass, broken dishes, cement

Jessica Laub

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artist bio

Jessica Laub is primarily a self-taught artist who works in a variety of media and is currently focused in ceramics, mosaics and painting. Her artistic style, characterized by a bold use of color and a strong sense of line, celebrates the beauty and wonder she encounters in the world around her. Jessica uses clay to create sgraffito-style dishware, sculptural forms, and handmade tile that she pairs with stained glass, glitter, mirrors and other shiny tesserae in her mosaic work. Her art is influenced by her appreciation of nature and common themes include human connections and relationships, communication, meditation, plants, animals, magical creatures and celestial bodies. In addition to smaller-scale interior mosaics, Jessica creates larger works intended for installation outdoors in yards and gardens. She enjoys making site-specific mosaic installations in both two and three dimensions. Jessica's studio is located at the Toy Factory in the heart of Riverworks Creative District. She was an artist in residence at RedlLine Milwaukee from 2010 through 2013. Jessica leads community art projects on a regular basis and is a frequent collaborator with Artists Working in Education. She has worked with community groups to create mosaiced sculptures and murals for schools, parks, gardens and community centers throughout the city.

artist statement

Art making for me is largely an intuitive and emotional process, through which I aspire to bring healing and positivity into the world. It is a kinesthetic, playful, free flow. I enjoy the mosaic process because it’s bright and shiny and allows me to reuse materials that might otherwise end up in landfills. While on one hand I enjoy working alone in my studio creating whatever spills from my heart, on the other hand I love collaborating with others in realizing their vision for art in their community because it is such a grand opportunity to connect creatively with others and manifest intentions unique to each situation.