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Brendan Benham

  • Music
  • Literature
I am a Music Professional I am a Literary Professional

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artist bio

I am a musician and sound engineer based out of Milwaukee, WI. I play many instruments, my favorites being guitar, piano, bass, and trumpet. I have done touring both on my own and with professional acts (trumpet with Broken Social Scene, bass and synthesizer with All Tiny Creatures). My goal is to continue touring and recording as much as possible, both with my own bands and as a 'hired gun.' I currently play trumpet/violin/vocals in a Milwaukee band called Group of the Altos, and guitar/synths/vocals in a yet to be announced project with a record coming out in 2013.

I am also a writer, although more for myself than anyone else. Occasionally I may publish something somewhere. You probably won't know where, though.

artist statement

I try to make art honestly.
I try to make art peacefully.
I try to make art emotionally.
The world is my ally.