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Arts in Milwaukee

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  • El Color De La Libertad / The Color of Freedom

    El Color De La Libertad is a song created through a collaboration with middle school students from Alexander Mitchell. Featuring MC(mikal), Klassik, and SistaStrings Project Director: Mikal Floyd-Pruitt

Mikal Floyd-Pruitt

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artist bio

Mikal Floyd-Pruitt is a multi-disciplinary artist whose works include music, paintings, sculptures, modified clothing items, and found-object assemblages. After graduating Harvard University in 2006 he moved his art practice back to Milwaukee, where he grew up. Along with his personal art practice, he is also a community artist and cultural producer. His involvement includes “putting together projects with youth groups, serving as creative consultant on various public art projects, and going into organizations to help them accomplish an idea.”

artist statement

An excerpt from the short-story, DollarMonsterLand EscapePlan.

Near the press I met a dollarface, he wanted an exchange
He gave me legs from land 7 so I let him scan my brain
Great, these legs are getting stronger every time I train
But sometimes when I go to sleep my dreams get really strange

I keep seeing people who must be older than five
With dollarman in their hands, shuffling side to side
I keep seeing greenface, except he doesn’t move or kill
Just lays on the table with dollarmouth and dollarbill