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  • “urban landscape :: third ward”urban landscape :: third ward

    black & white photography

  • “in the loop”in the loop

    black and white photography printed on metallic paper 16x16 framed and matted artless Bastard, DePere, WI POV - a juried show 2018

  • “daphne #1”daphne #1

    The Daphnes Northerly Island, Chicago, IL Digital Photography

  • “peaceful power”peaceful power

    Digital Photography printed on Metallic Paper framed and matted

  • “b r o k e n”b r o k e n

    black & white photography 37.5" x 23.5 - framed & matted artless Bastard, DePere, WI black, white and metallic - a juried show 2018 Alicia Ashman Library, Madison, WI faceless portraits - member show

  • “abandoned DREAMS”abandoned DREAMS

    digital photography printed on Metallic Paper

  • “bubbles”bubbles

    black & white photography Bristol Renaissance Faire

  • “photo_3929 :: an urbanlandscape”photo_3929 :: an urbanlandscape

    Cloud reflections Black & White 36x36 Redline Gallery, Milwaukee, WI Modern Landscape - a juried show 2018

Steven Bauer

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artist bio

Born in northern Minnesota, grew up in Wisconsin mostly with a brief stint in Michigan. Graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire with a degree in Theatre. Did graduate work at the University of Iowa in Secondary Education. Taught Theatre and Public Speaking in Kansas, Wyoming and Colorado.

While in Colorado, did post-grad work in Information Technology and starting traveling for work. Picked up my first digital point and shoot camera as a way to document my travels. Soon graduated to a DSLR and that hobby became my passion. After a period in Chicago and Madison, I have landed in Milwaukee and have been successfully showing my work in a variety of settings.

artist statement

A passionate photographer who loves to tell stories with light and composition. Primarily create in black and white urban landscape but have been known to jump outside the box with color and other stuff.