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  • “Clouds - Cana Over Blk Bkg”Clouds - Cana Over Blk Bkg

    Clouds - Cana Over Black Bkg. Overlay of layers managed to present the passion of summer.

  • “Water-Cloud Journey”Water-Cloud Journey

    Abstract, overlays of water, several cloud formations. View horizontal or vertical up or down.

  • “Substance - Earth - Air”Substance - Earth - Air

    From the neighborhood an abstract of the substance of earth and air.

  • “Garden DIRT-Blue 22”Garden DIRT-Blue 22

    Composite abstract of garden dirt, clouds, water and dirt. My neighborhood.

  • “Abstract - Fall Colors”Abstract - Fall Colors

    Golden colors of Fall at Big Bay Park, WFB WI.

  • “Blue Pop Cana”Blue Pop Cana

    Abstract including blue sky, Clouds, Cana.

  • “Adriatic - Shore Swim”Adriatic - Shore Swim

    Adriatic - Shore Swim - Dalmatian Islands.

  • “Marabou Stork crossing road Ngorumngorum”Marabou Stork crossing road Ngorumngorum

    Marabou Stork crossing road Ngorumngorum, Tanzania

  • “Rolling Carmona Iberia”Rolling Carmona Iberia

    Rolling Scapes outside Carmona, Iberia

  • “Woman Witb HOE”Woman Witb HOE

    What is done to survive Tanzania.

  • “MIME BRIDE CHATTING Lisbon 2-3-2018”MIME BRIDE CHATTING Lisbon 2-3-2018

    9254 MIME BRIDE CHATTING Lisbon 2-3-2018-2100-300ppi. The man is disciplining the Mime for some behavior in the art district.

  • “Potter Nepal”Potter Nepal

    0577 Potter Nepal. This aged man demonstrates throwing pottery on his manually turned potter's wheel.

  • “Nepal - Sacred River Sandbar”Nepal -  Sacred River Sandbar

    2878 Nepal - Play on a sacred river sandbar. Down stream from the funeral fires.

  • “Bike Bundle”Bike Bundle

    Bike Bundle outside Public Market MOWA STREET PHOTOGRAPHY 8-26-17


    0243 WINDOW BUD 17X10-72 - IBERIA 2-2018


    CHURCH OF BONES 11X17-72 - EVORA - IBERIA 2-2018


    BW GROUND FOG 10X17-72 - IBERIA 2-2018

  • “Forest Home Cemetery Pond”Forest Home Cemetery Pond

    Forest Home Cemetery Pond 9-2018. Stacked image.

  • “Shanga Woman - Black Hat.”Shanga Woman - Black Hat.

    A special place where people learn new skills. Tanzania.

  • “Friends - Tanzania”Friends - Tanzania

    After touring the brickyard we were entertained by a Tanzanian family.

  • “Leopard Cub Sleeps”Leopard Cub Sleeps

    Leopard Club sleeps while mother and siblings enjoy the shade. Tanzania.

  • “Giraffe on the Run - Tanzania”Giraffe on the Run - Tanzania

    Giraffe on the Run - Tanzania approaching the Serengeti.

  • “Hippo - Tanzania”Hippo - Tanzania

    The struggle for power in the Hippo pool.

  • “Warming Splash”Warming Splash

    What happens when you have ice jammed down spouts melting on to a driveway in Milwaukee.

Michael Havice

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Photographic Artist, observer, presenter of images from my P.O.V.