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  • “Clouds - Cana Over Blk Bkg”Clouds - Cana Over Blk Bkg

    Clouds - Cana Over Black Bkg. Overlay of layers managed to present the passion of summer.

  • “Water-Cloud Journey”Water-Cloud Journey

    Abstract, overlays of water, several cloud formations. View horizontal or vertical up or down.

  • “Substance - Earth - Air”Substance - Earth - Air

    From the neighborhood an abstract of the substance of earth and air.

  • “Garden DIRT-Blue 22”Garden DIRT-Blue 22

    Composite abstract of garden dirt, clouds, water and dirt. My neighborhood.

  • “Abstract - Fall Colors”Abstract - Fall Colors

    Golden colors of Fall at Big Bay Park, WFB WI.

  • “Blue Pop Cana”Blue Pop Cana

    Abstract including blue sky, Clouds, Cana.

  • “Adriatic - Shore Swim”Adriatic - Shore Swim

    Adriatic - Shore Swim - Dalmatian Islands.

  • “Marabou Stork crossing road Ngorumngorum”Marabou Stork crossing road Ngorumngorum

    Marabou Stork crossing road Ngorumngorum, Tanzania

  • “Rolling Carmona Iberia”Rolling Carmona Iberia

    Rolling Scapes outside Carmona, Iberia

  • “Woman Witb HOE”Woman Witb HOE

    What is done to survive Tanzania.

  • “MIME BRIDE CHATTING Lisbon 2-3-2018”MIME BRIDE CHATTING Lisbon 2-3-2018

    9254 MIME BRIDE CHATTING Lisbon 2-3-2018-2100-300ppi. The man is disciplining the Mime for some behavior in the art district.

  • “Potter Nepal”Potter Nepal

    0577 Potter Nepal. This aged man demonstrates throwing pottery on his manually turned potter's wheel.

  • “Nepal - Sacred River Sandbar”Nepal -  Sacred River Sandbar

    2878 Nepal - Play on a sacred river sandbar. Down stream from the funeral fires.

  • “Bike Bundle”Bike Bundle

    Bike Bundle outside Public Market MOWA STREET PHOTOGRAPHY 8-26-17


    0243 WINDOW BUD 17X10-72 - IBERIA 2-2018


    CHURCH OF BONES 11X17-72 - EVORA - IBERIA 2-2018


    BW GROUND FOG 10X17-72 - IBERIA 2-2018

  • “Forest Home Cemetery Pond”Forest Home Cemetery Pond

    Forest Home Cemetery Pond 9-2018. Stacked image.

  • “Shanga Woman - Black Hat.”Shanga Woman - Black Hat.

    A special place where people learn new skills. Tanzania.

  • “Friends - Tanzania”Friends - Tanzania

    After touring the brickyard we were entertained by a Tanzanian family.

  • “Leopard Cub Sleeps”Leopard Cub Sleeps

    Leopard Club sleeps while mother and siblings enjoy the shade. Tanzania.

  • “Giraffe on the Run - Tanzania”Giraffe on the Run - Tanzania

    Giraffe on the Run - Tanzania approaching the Serengeti.

  • “Hippo - Tanzania”Hippo - Tanzania

    The struggle for power in the Hippo pool.

  • “Warming Splash”Warming Splash

    What happens when you have ice jammed down spouts melting on to a driveway in Milwaukee.

Michael Havice

  • Art
  • Film
  • Literature
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Contact Info
Michael Havice Photography
729 E. Sylvan Ave.
Whitefish Bay, WI 53217 Un

1 (414) 731-8989

artist bio

I grew up while traveling the continental United States and the Pacific. My appreciation for artistic creativity was prompted by the many places I lived and by each person who took the time to share the sights and sounds of their world. I experienced curious sights and lived each country. Now, I travel near and far to capture moments expressing the stories of our world.

I began my professional career teaching high school, BS secondary education, in Michigan. I received tenure there. I then went on to earn a second bachelor’s degree, BA in Radio/Television and an MA in Telecommunication. My first university teaching job was at Southwest State MN, followed by another tenured position teaching Radio and Television at Drake University. After receiving a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction at Drake University, while teaching full time and producing 5 student run TV programs each week. I was hired, later tenured, conducted communication research and while teaching Broadcast and Electronic Communication at Marquette University. I worked at Marquette University for 29 years. I am now retired.
Since retiring, I have cultivated my artistic photographic approach to the image, served on Art Boards, the Coalition of Photographic Arts (CoPA) and Milwaukee Artists Resource Network (MARN). My work is exhibited at juried photography/art exhibitions across the United States of America.

artist statement

Photographs tell stories! His images pose a relationship between subject and surrounding. Each image is a dialogue within the moment. He presents the depth, balance, contrast and story to illustrate his subjects as brilliant moments. He frames the image looking for story, detail, depth and a sense of motion. His challenge is to amplify the image/story while keeping impressions personal while vibrant.