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Arts in Milwaukee

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  • “Detail of the Horse”Detail of the Horse
  • “Ceramic cups”Ceramic cups

    Decorated with underglazes

  • “Ceramic cups”Ceramic cups

    Decorated with underglazes

  • “The Horse”The Horse

    Stained glass and ceramic mosaic on plastic. Completed in 2017.

  • “The Glass Goat”The Glass Goat

    This sculpture was created using wire mesh mounted over a pvc skeleton. The mesh was covered with a light-weight concrete mix containing recycled paper, clay, latex paint and cement. The concrete form was then covered with stained glass pieces, each hand cut by the artist, glued and then grouted. The base is wood, covered with the same concrete mix and stained glass. Life-sized, appx. 54" high by 52" long by 19" wide, completed in 2017. ArtPrize 2018 3D entry.

  • “Metamorphoses”Metamorphoses

    100% hand made ceramic tile mosaic on three 7" x 48" panels, created in 2018

  • “The Seeing”The Seeing

    Ceramic tile mosaic on approximately 32" concrete sphere, created 2018

Baiba Rozite

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artist bio

I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and am by profession a Land Surveyor. I began drawing and painting in childhood. Later, college and work led me in different directions. About 6 years ago I found myself undertaking a few large mosaic sculpture projects, which took several years to complete. I used mostly stained glass and recycled ceramics, as well as commercial tiles on concrete and metal structures to create the first mosaic sculptures. I wanted more flexibility in tile shape, size and color, so I started making my own, and in the process, began learning about clay. The exploration of ceramics led to another flood of ideas, inspiration and experimentation. I explored slip casting, paper clay, textures, glazes as they apply to both functional and sculptural pieces. I'm always exploring new ideas, methods and materials--ideas come to me as I work.
I also enjoy dancing, hiking, biking, camping, the outdoors...

artist statement

My main passion is mosaic sculpture, but I also dabble in ceramics, both functional and sculptural, as well as painting (mostly in watercolor and some oil painting).