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  • “yule greetings”yule greetings

    1950 British school of posters for schools.

  • “Queen of The Iceni Memorial 3/4 portrait .”Queen of The Iceni Memorial 3/4 portrait .

    The portrait of Boudicca coming along quite well. It should be ready for mounting during December 2018.

  • “One of four boxes for a four master ships Masters cabin.”One of four boxes for a four master ships Masters cabin.

    Mahogany ( Front ) and exotics woods . 6 by 6 by 24. Pine sides and bottom.

  • “The Knocker Upper.”The Knocker Upper.

    Style: High end Victorian Ceramic. Material. AVES. Acrylic paint. Mahogany base. In process of finishing . 12 inches tall.

  • “mnerva”mnerva

    A portrait gift to mMnerva , incomplete , currently mounted in its case , which is being finished and polished.

  • “Green Man”Green Man

    Plaster pieces . Pub signs.

  • “linenfold”linenfold
  • “The edge being built .”The edge being built .

    High late 18th century chart table.

  • “Pine Chart table .”Pine Chart table .

    18th century. 2018-2019 Has perhaps three months to go before finished. The cabinet is set for a standing person. Modern adhesives . Tenon , dovetail and lap ; pinned joints. Stretchers reinforced with steel rod. ( Cast Iron was used back in the day.) The piece us designed for a drawing office or sewing room. It would not handle damp , wet , heat or cold . It is not a kitchen piece. Heat , damp or cold would release the glues and any gesso finish in the final state.

  • “Art Deco Jewelery box .”Art Deco Jewelery box .

    Mahog. Carved stone in resin.

  • “Jewelry cases nested.”Jewelry cases nested.

    Art Deco . Carved Mahog. Carved powdered stone in Resin. Currently unfinished . Started 2017. Three boxes on stadd with sculpture.

  • “The Boddica memorial.”The Boddica memorial.

    As of September 2018. The work started one year ago. pulverized soap stone in Resin and carved.

  • “Boddica memorial.”Boddica memorial.

    Built to memorialize The IcenI Queen . Boddica. Currently being worked. Mahogany. Powdered stone in Resin, carved. ( This is not cast ! ) Pine. Black lacquer

  • “Coventina . A Romano British Godess. Pub furniture.( Interior.)”Coventina . A Romano British Godess. Pub furniture.( Interior.)

    Basswood and mahogany . Pistol case / secret case hidden in back. Built as a pub decoration . Northumberland. Can be completed if Interest is shown. This piece must remain dry and in a heated space.

  • “Boy centurion.”Boy centurion.

    Basswood desk box . Late Medieval. Mahog. Pine and Bloodwood. Considered finished . Portrait taken from an Italian late medieval piece .

  • “Device from a pine table.”Device from a pine table.

    Pine flower . Desk front. Four inch diameter.

leonard Angus Smith

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artist bio

Trained in painting and Sculpture in England 1960's ( Privately )
Trained as a cabinet maker , old school 1960's , as time allowed.

artist statement

I build furniture , carved and decorated . I use old methodology and modern adhesives combined.
I work principally with Pine currently . It is excellent for the purpose and is not an endangered resource.
I do not use power tools .

Except for one Dremel for end grain carving.
Also One drill for convenience .

I do all resawing by hand.

My teachers were trained in Italy and Germany before the second world war. They were the cream of the cream .

I am sixty eight.

Currently nothing is for sale . Two pieces are coming to fruition . I would prefer to sell my work here in The States.
Shipping to Europe and elsewhere is exceedingly costly.
I have lived in Wisconsin for 30 years and then some . Twenty of them in the Milwaukee suburbs.

I do not show my work to people who "want to chat," I only show to buyers.
I have no interest in 'lookers,' coming to the shop.
I work a twelve hour day.

I build sculptures of various sizes. I use Basswood and Aves Apoxie.

My web pages . leonardangussmith,