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Adam Meurer

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I am an Art Professional I am a Design Professional

artist bio

Pixel Black is my own creative art and design company that I work under. It is allowing me to pursue my passion, creating public, private and commercial artwork. I bring 20 years of hands on experience and understanding of art, design, budgets, materials, fabrication, architecture, landscaping, lighting and installations with the ability to follow through with successful projects.

artist statement

My artwork is often narrative and whimsical. I enjoy working in a series to explore and develop an understanding or a communication with my artwork. I’m inspired by history, stories and life experiences in both the context of city and rural life. I use material or site locations as a found object to inspire or be a starting point for my artwork. I enjoy trying to solve problems and working within particular restraints put in place by location or material. I want to enhance public spaces and create an evoking feeling that someone has when viewing or engaging with my public art.

I’m a sculptor, designer and problem solver. I use my hands along with technical and traditional tools and materials in order to fabricate and illustrate a visual communication. Beyond create a visual impact, I’m motivated by the ability to tell a story and evoke a feeling or inspiration through my public art.