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  • “If Only”If Only

    Oil on Canvas, 7' x 5'

  • “Hidden City, 7' x 4' 1/2"”Hidden City, 7' x 4' 1/2

    Oil on Canvas

  • “Parade, 5' x 7'”Parade, 5' x 7'

    Oil on Canvas

  • “Blowhole, 7' x 5'”Blowhole, 7' x 5'

    Oil on Canvas

  • “Order #1, 5' x 7'”Order #1, 5' x 7'

    Acrylic on Canvas

Deidre Prosen

  • Art
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Painter currently living in Milwaukee and teaching at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

artist statement


Color, Surface, Composition


Various States of Mind….

From Control to Chaos

Existential Anxiety Manifesting

Stream of Conciousness,

Spontaneously Planned Paradoxes