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Brad Anthony Bernard

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artist bio

Artist/muralist and art professor, Brad Anthony Bernard, received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, ‘93 and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Mississippi, Oxford, ’03, both in painting respectively. While formerly teaching as an assistant professor at Mount Mary University, Bernard also served on the Arts Wisconsin, board of directors. It was through that experience that he honed his skills as an arts advocate. As commitment community he founded Community Arts & Funk Festival Productions, producing and coordinating indoor and outdoor arts and music festivals, exhibitions and cultural arts events. Most notably The Community Arts & Funk Festival, 2010 - ’11, The Washington Park Arts & Culture Day - 2012-’13, The Arts Wisconsin 20th Anniversary, 2012, curated the ‘Stages of Art’ Exhibition at the Intercontinental ‘Gallery M’- 2012 and The Sisters of Creativity/The ‘Artellectuals’, 2013. It was many efforts like these that gained him recognition as a “Champion of The Arts’ by Milwaukee Public Theatre in 2012, a ‘Black Excellence Award’ in 2013 by Milwaukee Times Newspaper, and recently received the 2017 ‘Teacher of the Year’ Award from the Mississippi Humanities Council.

Bernard, who has participated as a MARN Mentor in the past, is currently an Associate Professor at his alma mater the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, where he teaches in the Foundations ‘First Year Experience’ program as well as in the Fine Arts- ‘New Studio Practice’ department. He has established a 25-year career as an exhibiting artist, muralist, and art educator and is a devoted arts advocate.

artist statement

Industrialism and technology in their respective efforts to advance human kind are profoundly endangering human interaction and existence. The Industrial Revolution inspired the inventions of machinery that either replaced human labor or fabricated product for human convenience or consumption. Technology on the other hand has advanced communication to stellar levels but communicating itself has suffered interpersonally to the point where people establish social lives and relationships on a “cyber” rather than personal level. The passion of industry, as it relates to production, inspires a high cultural work ethic and instills pride of nation brand as manufactured commodity. Yet the industry of passion, as it relates to human interaction, at times denies “pro-creativity” and inspires some to conduct themselves in either an asexual or hedonistic manner which itself embraces a ‘procreative’ action without the result of end product. This body of work addresses commentary centered around to the discontented culture of unconventional sexuality, ‘conditional love’, promiscuity, and emotional denial in the age of high divorce rates, non-committal relations, and diminished ‘inter-personal’ communication skills due to social media addiction.