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  • “Winter's Last Song”Winter's Last Song

    acrylic and collage on chipboard 11" x 8 1/2"


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artist bio

I have worked in a variety of media since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1994. The last 14 years I've lived and worked as an artist and photostylist for catalogue and commercial photography in Chicago. Some of my clients were Crate & Barrel, Chili's Restaurant, FTD Flowers, Land's End, Spiegel, Sears, and Follets. I worked with models (children, adults, dogs, turtles, etc.), decorating room scenes, locations, accessories, shoes and specialized in fine jewelry styling.
My own jewelry line is Serenamade, one of a kind jewelry creations with semiprecious stones.
Recently, I moved to Milwaukee, WI., and I'm currently working in collage and mixed media with drawing and painting. I also create large wall installations made up of found objects and curiosities. My passion for making art has been lifelong. I have taken part in numerous regional shows and my work is in private collections around the world.

artist statement

My works are poetic metaphors of memories of everyday life. In my daily and worldly travels I find objects to use as collage materials that reference the prefabricated nature of the modern age. My process of gathering, sorting, organizing and selecting material also points to an idea of deconstructing and reconstructing our own self-image in a way that is unique and fun. The small scale of my work not only forces the viewer closer examination, but it is also a product of urban life, where space is limited. More of my work can be viewed at


“The recent installation work is the product of Serena's multi-disiplinary vision. She combines her paintings and found objects, and draws from her years of photostyling experience, to compose a wall tableau of stories and suggestions. The use of the "found object" in Serena's work is the springboard from which an image is suggested. Each game piece, or parking stub or flattened shard of rusted metal, carries an energy or a history. She appropriates these objects and arranges them in collage or assemblage. From these histories, a story is suggested. These objects will illicit different responses to different viewers, so rather than a single, linear, narrative, Serena presents a collection of scenes (paintings and collage) and objects (found), to direct the viewer inward, towards their own memory and imagination. Serena's paintings are finely detailed, brightly colored works on paper or wood, that seamlessly blend paint and collage in a beautiful and skillful manner.”
Todd Dunne