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Faith Kohler

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artist bio

Faith Kohler (aka TruGlue) is a self-taught social justice artist who medium varies to fit each of the stories she shares her work. Originally from New York, Faith graduated from Wellesley College and Marquette University Law School. Her work as a federal agent became the catalyst for her career as an artist with the creation 30 Seconds Away: Breaking the Cycle, which opened in the Milwaukee Film Festival in 2015. Faith told the story of chronic homelessness and it’s underlying issues in this feature-length documentary. Leveraging her professional experience, which includes work as an attorney and federal law enforcement officer, Faith weaves prominent social issues into the art of storytelling for a behind-the-scenes look at human suffering and hope.

Faith’s work within the justice system moved her to become a staunch advocate for civil and human rights. Her art channels her experiences with justice and injustice alike to incite and advocate for positive social change.

artist statement

I used to believe that living in a democratic nation meant liberty was guaranteed…but my experiences and observations in and around the justice system taught me just how precious- and fragile- freedom can be. Through my art, I tell the stories of people, politics and policies in the greater context and meaning of freedom. I look at our nation through a lens that focuses on impact, creating work intended to shock the conscience and spark positive social change. Drawing from my personal and professional experiences, I use art to connect people with issues, to humanize and personalize social justice. I use my love of words, images and dark humor to create, lending my voice to improve the lives of those who struggle and suffer from political and societal failures. I want my art to be a call to action, reminding audiences that in today’s United States, liberty is something we can no longer take for granted.