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Robert Voght

  • Literature
I am a Literary Professional

artist bio

Hello Everyone,

I want to write something very profound and not have this sound like a personal ad. LOL. A person I know, referred me to this site, and I'm just "checking it out". To me this looks interesting. I guess to the art world I would be pretty "average" but to all my "average" friends; I'm not practical, I rock the boat, I should just understand my place, etc.. I feel like I'm caught between the "work real world" and the world of my talents and abilities.

I consider myself a story teller more than anything else. I love to tell stories, and I'm currently writing a huge one, but I'm not the greatest writer. I'm working very hard to become better. In the mean time I'm still working on the story I'm writing. I believe my gift is telling stories, I believe I can tell a story in any format, but the one I have the best chance to tell a story is in writing. This is not to say I'm an expect by any means. I'm trying. I am currently writing a huge story, its a different format so its not a book really, I've set it up like a tv show or an old time serial. The story is good, but the writing needs help. I'm babbling.

As far as me as a person I consider myself to be a renaissance type of guy. I have a wide range of interests. I like symphonies, art, music, movies, football, camping, hiking, bowling, playing cards, board games (a favorite), reading, museums, politics, good debates, friends, and I love my family. I currently live in Menomonee Falls; I've been trying for years to finish college, life keeps getting in the way. I'm forty-one swm. Okay its sounding like a personal add. LOL. I'm hoping to get connected with other writers and creative people.

Hopefully soon I'll be able to afford a paid account.

artist statement

I'm a story teller. Like I said in my artist Bio, I love to tell stories. I'm currently working on a very long story, its in a format I've seen in a very long time. I think it is an excellent idea and of course I like the story. The best chance of me telling a story is writing, but I believe I could tell a story in just about any format; except of course if I have to paint something. This being said I'm not the greatest of writers and I'm trying to become better. I am aware I need to be better, but I'm not going to stop writing my story, and I'm not going to stop trying to do what I'm doing.

I just consider myself a story teller who's best chance at telling a story is by writing.