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  • “Face Paint Butterfly”Face Paint Butterfly
  • “Face Paint Condor”Face Paint Condor


  • “Face Paint Pavo Real - Peacock”Face Paint Pavo Real - Peacock
  • “Another Calavera”Another Calavera

    From days painting in my middle school classroom. Memo Lanphere

  • “Tía Lita Calavera”Tía Lita Calavera

    Day of the Dead facepaint

  • “Dali Face Paint”Dali Face Paint

    As a Spanish teacher who enjoys incorporating cultural art, music, and activities into my lessons, I created this Dali face as well as other culturally pertinent face designs (Picasso, Frida Kahlo, and many more)

  • “Bubble Backsplash”Bubble Backsplash

    This is a collaboration of my sister, Teddy Eichenauer aka "Teddy the Potter" from Tempe, AZ and me. She created this amazing large mosaic mural for my kitchen remodel. I made the surrounding tiles to highlight her amazing masterpiece.

  • “Bubble Hex Pots”Bubble Hex Pots

    These pots were created using tiles I had made for my kitchen backsplash to enter in the MOWA Museum of Wisconsin Art Member's Show July 17th 2019 - September 8th 2019. A delightful museum...totally worth the 30 minute drive from Milwaukee!

Lisa Bane

  • Art
  • Music
I am an Art Professional I am a Music Professional

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Tía Lita LLC
Glendale, Wi 53209 US

(414) 416-6578
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artist bio

By training, 7-12 Spanish teacher. Now I combine art with my private Spanish teaching. I create customized curriculum in accord with student interest andtalents and challenges and I provide flexible meeting options (your place, mine, library, coffee shop, online, custom groups, mixed age and ability not a problem. In specializing in Education and Arts I sing, play ukelele, face paint and more. My most recent work was handmade tile in collaboration with another artist. My sister created a large 24 tile mural for my kitchen backsplash (bubble theme) and I made the background tile to set off her masterpiece.

artist statement

I am an growing in my art every day. My mediums range from highly ephemeral to the eternal. Whether intricate nail art, elaborate face painting, ice globes, hand-made tile kitchen back splash kitchen backsplash, photography, or verse images it is evident in all I do and am, through artist’s eyes, mind and being. It’s in every breath and will go on beyond life.