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  • “The Road To The Western Lands”The Road To The Western Lands

Kenneth Kornacki

  • Art
  • Film
I am an Art Professional I am a Film Professional

artist bio

I’m the son of an engineer and a painter. I studied Film at the
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where I focused on experimental
filmmaking techniques & animation. I began my career in film,
video & photography at Ferderbar Studios under the guidance of
Tom Ferderbar; a student of Ansel Adams. After directing a few
live action commercials, I moved into computer graphics and
animation and worked at design studios around the country.
Currently, I’m directing and designing commercials and motion
design visuals at my company, KENKO, while further pursuing my
love of photography. I shoot at least one photo a day and post
them to my Instagram & Tumblr accounts. @kenkofoto, kenkofoto.
tumblr.com, kenkofoto.com