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Gary Kandziora

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artist bio

Well I'm a self-taught sculptor. I've never had any art training at all. In fact in grade school I was punished for a picture I'd drawn during recess.
I turn scrap metal into works of art using my skills as a metal fabractor. I think you have to include my other work experiences too. Besides metal working the US Navy also taught me indusdrial sewing, and I spent a year in the ships carpenter shop. I'd already spent many semesters in junior high and high school wood shop class.
Then in the factory where I spent many years of my adult life as a welder, I did work for 18 months making custom wooden crates and boxes for shipping.
As a result I know how to repair a canvas tent, create a custom boat cover, make a shipping box for a crane that loads a banana barge in Brazil, weld US Navy Vessels, weld in a shipyard, for Caterpiller, Milwaukee's Deep Tunnel Project, and Monster Mining Equipment.
I should also mention I can turn a bunch of metal scrap from a recycling center (junkyard) into a work of art.
That began with one sculpture I sold at 7 Mile Fair which is a local flea market. Six weeks later my art was in Valleries Gallery on 1st Street about 20 years ago.
That spring I was doing huge flea markets in IL., and being invited to Art Shows in Nappervile and on the campus of Northwestern in Evanston.
At that time I was featured in Milwaukee's Art Muscle which was a honor.
I've done art show from CA to MI, and the Chicago area being my favorite place to do shows.
When the Discover Channel's Extrem Engineering Show did their 1st episode of my last employer who made mining excavators in West Milw, myself as a factory welder was shown, and me as an artist working in my studio in Wauwatosa made it on along with my sculptures.
I went from a small wood framed garage in a Racine low income neighborhood to a owning areal live commercial building in Wauwatosa zoned for light manufacturing.
In my studio I can arc, mig, and tig weld. I can plasma cut or cut with a torch. I can weld steel, stainless, aluminum, brass, and bronze. I know how to gas weld, and mig weld brass to steel.
I made a auto welder that I can make flute, vase or bowl shapes object using only a turning table going round and round allowing a fixed mig welding gun weld layer upon layer of weld bead round and round higher and higher.
I have sculptures with built in speakers where devices like MP3 players can provide the music or sound.
I have full size Velociraptor Skeletons, Submarines, a Battle ship, Space Ships, Birds, Fish, Human Forms, African Art, Garden Art, Ants, Spiders, Flowers, Robots, Aliens, Gods, Abstract Art, and much more.
Contact me at
Studio Weld Shop Location 6130 West Martin Drive Wauwatosa

artist statement

Oh boy the Artist Statement. I've always had trouble with these. I truely don't know what to say. I guess thats something you learn in art school. All I can say is my work experiences gave me the skills to cut, weld, and shape the metal parts I use to make my art. I learned to eye ball how long to make a section of leg here, and fingers or claws over there. My work experiences made me into a machine of sorts. An organic machine making one cut after another, one weld after another. Computing which part to use next while still welding. I guess every so often a human machine can do something special the others can't. I'd like to take much more credit for what I can do, but it's just what it is.
I guess I was either the odd one, or the lucky one.