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  • “Todd and Medusa”Todd and Medusa

    Watercolor on Paper, 42"w x 30"h.

Nancy Lamers

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artist bio

Nancy Lamers, Professor of Art at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin teaches painting, drawing, art history, and international study courses (Italy and China). Lamers received her MFA degree in Painting and Drawing. She specializes in watercolor, oil, acrylic, and encaustic paint media. Nancy exhibits internationally and has received numerous awards, grants and fellowships. Her interests are in ongoing personal artistic development, travel and study of art and history/culture worldwide, in encouraging artists to become more engaged with their community, in development of activities and programs for local artists, and in the mentoring of artists.

artist statement

I like sensuous surfaces, whether in oil acrylic or watercolor. I examine the nuances of shadow, transparency, reflection, edges of paint scraping, texture, etc. I often paint spontaneously, yet I also often work in a controlled, layered method, depending on my artistic intentions and medium. Even when working intuitively, I know I am consciously selecting and developing the imagery. Many of my works result from connecting personal family history to both art historical and other imagery found as a result of travel and everyday experiences. Visual and conceptual connections are made between the images that are chosen for juxtaposition. When family and friends pose for my paintings, I consider how I construct meaning with my juxtapositions. I examine and question how I view the associations I make, how conflicting interpretations are possible and which interpretations I can control for. Complex sets of political messages about gender, power, identity, familial context, and history may reside in a painting. My journals and sketchbooks consist of alternating drawings and reflections on what I am doing and why.