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  • “This City Doesn't Know What's Comin'”This City Doesn't Know What's Comin'

    An older picture, 2009, but one of my favorites. In Chicago.

Guy Thomas

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  • Film
  • Literature
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artist bio

Guy Thomas is a film student at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Although his main focus is traditional film, he also has extensive experience with photography, video, paper-stencil silkscreening, poetry, prose, and some experience with acting and audio editing.
He hopes to both write and direct his own films, as well as comic books and novels.

artist statement

I love the play of light and shadow. One of my favorite things to do is reduce a complicated image to pure blacks and whites, stencil it, and print it. Storytelling is my thing, I love all forms of it. Though, creatively, I've only had practice with visual aspects.
I want to try my hand at everything I can. If I don't know how to do something, I'm always willing to try and to learn.