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Nicole Arns

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I am an Art Professional

artist bio

Nicole Arns is a visual artist currently residing in Milwaukee, WI and attending Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. She is majoring in Integrated Studio Arts with focuses in Communication Design and Printmaking and also minoring in Art History.

Raised in Rockford, IL, she worked as an intern for the Rockford Art Museum helping with a variety of curatorial work, including researching current values of art, assisting in exhibition set-up, and writing didactics. She also worked for the Rockford Park District, updating and researching the current inventory of public art. In both jobs, Nicole worked with a large part of the art community, including artists, galleries, and other curators from across the country.

Currently, Nicole is working on bridging the gap between design and fine art. Her processes for creating art are very design-oriented and she works with a strong goal in mind. Working in two different types of visual arts, she often finds it difficult to access all areas of the art world. Through this struggle, she is gaining ground in truly understanding her goals and place as an artist in today�s society.