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  • “Hydrangea”Hydrangea

    Pastel on Paper 11H x 14W

Calliope Thomas

  • Art
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artist bio

Cali Thomas was born and raised in NewYork City, graduating from Queens College with a BA in Education. She became an early childhood educator. Before college she was a self taught visual artist, using acrylics to do abstracts. After graduating in 1991, Cali moved to Milwaukee to start a new chapter as an Educator, and after retirement, an Artist.
Cali focuses mainly on landscape, still life and flowers. Through her use of vibrant colors, combined with large, loose strokes she translates her style of beauty into every one of her works.

artist statement

Thomas's medium of choice is oils, however stumbling onto a website called Wet Canvas she discovered a link to "Soft Pastel Talk." Their posts compelled her to switch mediums once again. She is now using predominantly pastels. Currently concentrating on art full-time, she uses her daily experiences and the emotions that come from them as her inspiration. Her goal is to have the observer forget physical reality, seeing rather the innocence, romance, and inner personal reflections within each representational piece she creates.