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Chuck Lawton

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artist bio

Bassist, guitarist, Recording Engineer and Producer in The Vitrolum Republic.

The Milwaukee-based Vitrolum Republic's sound is a combination of various styles that can best be described as classically infused folk music. Over the course of their latest album, they cover many different styles of music, but all in a way that feels rooted in a style all their own, which they have come to call Gypsy Noir.

Their original compositions blur genres, combining classical elements with singer-songwriter, folk, bluegrass, blues and gypsy tango styling. Their music is diverse, and draws upon the acoustic instrumentation that each member brings to the stage; violin, piano, acoustic guitar, accordion, mandolin, banjo upright bass and a variety of percussion instruments.

The word "Vitrolum" is a word they created that represents a 'conduit' of expression. Through their performances these musicians and their audience become part of "The Republic," and work to create the communal experience of "The Vitrolum Republic"

The Vitrolum Republic is:

Nick Waraksa ~ Piano, Accordian, Vocals
Jordan Waraksa ~ Violin, Guitar, Vocals
Chuck Lawton ~ Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Benjamin Schaefer ~ Percussion

Discover more about The Vitrolum Republic, including free music and videos at our website: