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Kelly Crandall

  • Art
  • Literature
  • Drama
I am an Art Professional I am a Literary Professional I am a Theatre Professional

artist bio

I am a freelance photographer and theatre professional. Most recently I produced and directed a new multidisciplinary piece for the New Orleans Fringe Festival. Past projects include directing A GENTLEMAN AND A SCOUNDREL for the Musical Masquers in West Bend, as well as working in various roles for Youngblood Theatre, Insurgent Theatre, First Stage and Theatre-on-the-Hill.

I have recently taken the role of Executive Director of Bad Soviet Habits, a collaborative arts producing organization promoting artists of all art forms creating art in nontraditional public spaces.

I am also a fine art photographer, currently serving as President of CoPA - The Coalition of Photographic Arts.

And I write. And paint. And walk 5Ks.